Centre for BioSystems Genomics

Centre for Biosystems GenomicsThe Centre for BioSystems Genomics is a consortium of major Dutch and international companies and top plant scientists working on potato, tomato, Arabidopsis and Brassica. It is a unique public-private partnership in plant genomics involving universities,  research institutes, (inter)national companies and branch organisations active in potato, tomato and Brassica research and exploitation.

CBSG was established in 2002 as a Centre of Excellence under the auspices of the Netherlands Genomics Initiative with a total research budget of 53 M€. In 2008, CBSG2012 entered its second 5 year phase with an equivalent budget.


CBSG2012 carries out plant genomics research using the latest, state-of-the-art technologies. Our limited choice of crops has been made to maintain focus and to cover the species of greatest importance to Dutch Agro-industry. Our consortium covers the entire production chain from (pre)breeders to processors in both the food and non-food industries.


CBSG2012 aims to exploit the full potential of a broad range of genomics approaches in order to create new opportunities for sustainable agro-production systems for potato, tomato and Brassica which shall have socio-economic implications for producer, processor and consumer alike, through crop production, enhanced food quality and reduced environmental impact.