Jaap Bakker

Jaap Bakker, cluster leader


CBSG recognises that it has a significant responsibility to train the scientists of the future to meet the needs of both academia and industry. Educating the general public on the ins and outs of genomics research and the impact it can have on Society as well as training young scientists are two key components of our activities.


In this regard, CBSG functions at two main levels:


By providing PhD positions for recent graduates and by establishing state of the art genomics technology platforms that are available for young postdocs to extend their experise, CBSG ensures that these budding future captains of industry develop the best possible scientific background to meet the future needs of science and commerce. Also, through our direct interaction with commercial companies, CBSG scientsist get a first hand view of not just academic but also applied research.


CBSG also reaches out to young secondary school children. Firstly, through a joint initiative with the other NGI genomics centres, CBSG helps populate the genomics information website which provides school children with articles on the applications of genomics research. Secondly, CSBG initiated and helps coordinate the Mobile DNA labs, which allows school children to perform a DNA-based experiment within their own class at school. Approximately 20,000 visitors use the site each month and ca 15,000 school children participate in the Mobile labs each year.