Arnaud Bovy

Arnaud Bovy, cluster leader


Tomato is a fruit with ambition. It is also one of the few vegetables both grown and eaten in every part of the world. The annual global market for fresh tomatoes is ca. 4 billion Euros. The market for tomato seed to achieve this production capacity is worth ca 200 million Euros per year and for 1 € you get just 5 seeds! The Netherlands is still a major centre of the tomato breeding industry and the CBSG consortium partners together, provide the varieties and seed for ca 70% of the entire fresh tomato production worldwide.


Fresh tomato quality, in terms of appearance, aroma and flavour are traits of increasing importance in the market. CSBG has established a track record in applying the latest ‘-omics’ technologies to gain a better insight into the molecular basis (genetic and biochemical) of these key traits.


The CBSG tomato programme is wholly dedicated to continuing our quest for information on the genetic basis of tomato quailty traits. This information will then be used by our commercial breeding partners to produce even tastier tomato varieties.